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8003 ZH

This is home. Where our idea of a sock with no limitations used as a Statement and performance piece was born. We work in a shared atelier in the heart of Switzerland’s Kreis 3 in Zürich. We are proud to call ourselves a Swiss brand!

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do Business like a woman

Meet our SHE-E-O - our young, female CEO, who we like to call Eve. She has been building the brand since 2018 off the back of her creative talents honed from her time working in the advertising industry and her international experiences gained from working in over 5 countries. She created several projects that landed in the press or have gone viral on social media. These experiences make her an unconventional thinker and having her at the helm of OPEND makes her the ideal person to reinvent the business of sportswear.


We will be working with an open transparency policy, consciously making it a part of our brand and work culture to be diverse, inclusive and anti-racist. In our photographs. In our workplace. In our communication. With the people we work with. We also know that you can only be ethical if you’re sustainable,

this is why we had our manufacturers certify themselves with a WRAP certificate we are very proud of! We also made sure we ship absolutely plastic-free and once we can place bigger orders we’ll only ship by ship freight to create minimal pollutions.


Our socks are simple: One-Size and Unisex, which makes it easier for you to shop online and for us to create minimal waste by eliminating any overproduction. Now that's pretty damn efficient and the environment likes it too. Ps. We are plastic-free!


Made in Fujian

…A south-eastern province of China. Yes, that’s right, we ARE „Made in China“. But nothing better than overcoming a stereotype, right?! We ship plastic-free and once we can take bigger orders, with ship freight, meaning minimal pollution. We were lucky enough to meet up twice with our manufacturers and even though we don’t speak the same language we perfectly understand each other when it comes to innovating and perfecting our OPEND socks together! They are hands-down the best. Our friends are being certified with the WRAP certificate which ensures ethically and environmentally high standards. High five to these guys!
Learn more about the WRAP certificate: www.wrapcompliance.org/12-principles.


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