Swiss Sport Socks

We prevent all blisters.

All OPEND socks are unisex designs and can be worn by anyone who feels like it - but you didn’t need us to tell you that.


All OPEND socks are one-size, meaning they mold right onto your foot with a snug fit from sizes EU36–46. Really!

No blisters

Our socks prevent any kind of friction on your feet due to our badass yarns! Learn more about this on our technology page.


We’re trying to start out sustainable: All our packaging is plastic-free and we produce with certified manufacturers.

  • The loop
    Our brand flag
  • Y heel shape
    Premium fit for all heels
  • Top mesh
    Makes sure hot air can leave

Did you know..?

Our sport socks can be ideally used as marathon socks, running socks, skater socks, tennis socks, trekking socks or socks for hiking and above all as anti-blister socks. Ordering socks online at OPEND is easier than in any other sock shop because firstly our design is unisex - so whether you are looking for running socks for men or running socks for women - here you get both in one and in addition, these performance socks are one- size fits all meaning no wrong sizes can be ordered: Ideal for gifting socks. Wether you gift hiking socks or sneaker socks with us you get the best socks in Switzerland. Plus, you’ll never get blisters again.

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