• LAVENDAR 4/4 - sport socks - 01
  • LAVENDAR 4/4 - sport socks - 02
  • LAVENDAR 4/4 - sport socks - 03
  • LAVENDAR 4/4 - sport socks - 04
  • LAVENDAR 4/4 - sport socks - 05
  • LAVENDAR 4/4 - sport socks - 06
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LAVENDAR 4/4 - sport socks
  • LAVENDAR 4/4
  • LAVENDAR 4/4
  • LAVENDAR 4/4
  • LAVENDAR 4/4
  • LAVENDAR 4/4
  • LAVENDAR 4/4


1/4 Our ankle socks are the shortest style and are ideally used in sneakers or your gym shoes for a session of squats or all you can eat fries.

2/4 This is our second shortest style, they’re popular amongst runners as they hit just above your ankles and some enjoy them for Netflix marathons too.

3/4 Our 3/4 style classifies as the regular sock height amongst lifestyle users they’re also ideal for hiking up mountains and shopping marathons.

4/4 Our 4/4 style is the longest and best used for Tennis matches and coffee-drinking.

But hey, who are we to tell you how to wear your socks..?

Delivery & Returns

Shipping within 2–6 days. For hygiene reasons we only accept returns with tags on. More about our shipping and returning policy here


80% Nylon-mix, 20% Lycra.
To make sure your socks keep as soft and stretchy for as long as possible; turn them inside out, wash them at 30°C and let them air dry. We recommend our socks as sport socks worn in sport shoes or sneakers.

Sizing & Fit

Our socks are one-size and fit all sizes EU36–46.*

*Note, that the bigger your foot-size is, the shorter the sock will end up on your leg. For any questions shoot us an email at info@opend.ch. We’re happy to assist you in choosing the perfect pair of socks for you.

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